Why Vape Booty Box?

Vape Booty Box lets you try new amazing vape juices from other juice makers other than the ones you normally get at your local vape shop. Vape Booty box is also great for people that do not live close to a vape store yet want to discover new and delicious flavours without having to commute to a store.

Testing new juices in a store is not like it used to be. As time goes on it is getting more and more difficult to discover and test new flavours in store. Typically, when testing new flavours you have to use a communal device (gross) that is likely not similar to the one you use (wont give you the flavour profile that your device does). Typically you will only take 2-3 puffs of a flavour and this does not give you  good idea of the flavour. We have all tested and enjoyed a flavour in a store only to find that we actually do not enjoy the juice once we get home and use the flavour on our own device at home.

Vape Booty Box works for you! We test and select the best e-juices and send them right to your mailbox! No more using communal devices, no more vaping that same shit!

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